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Silver Linings

Well, it has been a while since I reached out to our endurance community, but no better time than the present to chat about fitness and wellbeing. I am excited about the next few months as they will fortify what I think is more important than anything else: the family unit as you define it and close, meaningful relationships.

Now, you may not be able to touch (literally) as many people as you are used to right now, but the touches you do make will be with people that really mean something to you. This current situation is causing all of us to prioritize the people in our lives that we care about most--whether through phone calls, texts or in person. The people that matter most in our lives will surface. We have been given a golden opportunity to connect on a much deeper, meaningful level with those we love.

Along with strengthening our most meaningful relationships, we can also strengthen the most important and meaningful habits we have. For me, these include better self-care, more sleep, better nutrition and improved mental and physical routines, e.g., meditation and exercise!

Please take this time to fortify the routines you have been neglecting in favor of early morning commutes, red eye flights, on-the-go dinners, occasional workouts, hustle-and-bustle of rush-hour traffic, etc. For many of us, these things are temporarily on hold and now we have time to really dig deep and determine if all the hype is real or important. Trust when I tell you that you will feel better, look better, perform better if you can dial these factors in over the next two months or so. Even if you return to the early AM commute, crazy travel schedule, big corporate dinner, etc., I can promise you that you will end up prioritizing some of these new habits over your old ways because you can accomplish more and be healthier in the long run. This is one of the many great things that will come from this crisis. The state we are in now will change many of us forever, really leave its mark. How can you make that mark a positive one?

Many of us had to make major adjustments to our work world to do the best we can to survive this difficult time. Pivoting when you did not plan to pivot is tough and it tests not only your resolve, but your family and work team as well. If you have a great team, like we do at VQ, you can adjust your course and refocus on a new normal with success. This will be difficult, but with a strong team, good leadership and confidence in who you are, this transition can happen with limited downside and big potential for upside.

We have worked hard to deliver a great virtual product. In the process, we found some new opportunities for business and revenue. We are enjoying supporting people from home and see the depth of the character of our members--what a gift to have such special people in our lives!

In an effort to pass along some of the goodwill we have received, we are attaching two of our virtual workouts for you to enjoy. Get on your trailer or home bike and give them a go. I think you will find them not only entertaining, but educational and motivating as well. If you are interested in seeing more, go to our website and try a free week of the virtual experience. This virtual approach is allowing the team at VQ to stay connected to our community in a fun, effective way. We are so lucky our members see real value in this product, but we are also excited to welcome new participants joining our community as a result of these virtual offerings.

Together we will be stronger, healthier and wiser when the dust settles and the smoke clears. I hope we all have better habits, stronger relationships and new ideas to help our community grow in health and fitness.

Be well, until we meet again, in person!

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  • Robbie