Performance Evaluation


There may be several paths to get to the same result, but with our expertise we'll cut the learning curve and get you results faster

We believe it is crucial to find your baseline before your first training session to dial in your workouts with us. To do so, we encourage all new athletes and prospective VQ members to take a Performance Evaluation.

This is a one-time evaluation conducted by Robbie Ventura who has personally performed over 3,000 evaluations at our Vision Quest Highland Park location. It is used to gauge your current athletic level and to see where it can be improved upon to help you achieve what you're truly capable of.

The Bottom Line:

  • A performance evaluation is necessary if you want to be a Vision Quest member
  • It is a great assessment for the beginner if you're looking for a place to start
  • Maybe you have a goal in mind and need to understand what it will take to get there
  • Your training has been hard but you aren't seeing the desired results
  • This is the proven method to help cut the learning curve and help you see results quicker!


The Athlete's Journey

With purpose and structure anyone can achieve their true potential

You'll leave your Performance Evaluation with:


Insights from a blood lactate power test


Custom bike fit & pedal stroke analysis


Your power and heart rate training zones


A custom prescribed strength and stretching routine


Recommended areas for athletic growth


A thorough explanation of the performance evaluation results