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Who we are at Vision Quest Coaching

At Vision Quest Coaching we're a community of endurance athletes and coaches offering a diverse set of scientifically grounded coached cycling, running, swimming and strength workouts. We have 5 locations, personal coaching services both at our training facilities and remote training from wherever you are!

Vision Quest isn't just for experienced cyclists or aspiring professionals; we'll help anyone become something greater! Whether you're brand new to endurance sports, stuck in the mud with your current training and need a place to start, or you have a goal in mind and want a community and coaching staff to help get you there - Vision Quest is the place for you.

Why Vision Quest?

We'll let our Founder, Robbie Ventura, answer that one.

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How to get started at Vision Quest

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First let's figure out - what kind of athlete are you?

We offer training options for completers & competitors, beginners & advanced athletes, and anyone in between.

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We can help you choose from a variety of training options


Join us for Community, Innovation, Experience

We believe athletes that train within a group will perform higher than training by themselves

Just starting out or want to give VQ a try? 

Class Packs are designed to offer you a way to train with a group, either one time or multiple times a week, while giving you the flexibility of choosing classes in the AM, PM or weekend. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to complement a busy schedule. Continue with class packages and make that part of your training, or test the waters and see if you would like to become a Member!


Ready to make a commitment?

Membership is our most popular offering. It is a month-to-month membership catering to cyclists and triathletes of all abilities. If you're looking to commit to your goals and find a community of athletes dedicated to working together to achieve success, a membership is the route for you! It includes full access to both indoor facilities and outdoor rides starting in Highland Park as well as prime time "Members Only" workouts.

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Get individual attention with a VQ coach - from anywhere!

Whether your endgame is getting on the podium at your next cycling event or triathlon, or to become fitter, we have the perfect coaches to get you there. You don't even need to be near a Vision Quest training center or train with VQ to be coached; it's for anyone, anywhere.


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