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Whether you're a cyclist, triathlete, swimmer or runner you can expect the best at every Vision Quest workout:

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

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Baseline Testing

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Innovative Training Methodology

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Expert Coaching

Life Balance

We believe in nurturing the whole person by balancing training with work and family to enhance all aspects of life


Indoor cycling classes offer structured workouts in a group setting, but set to your individualized fitness. You bring in your bike and one of our Vision Quest coaches guides you through the day’s 60 or 90 minute workout which focuses on different energy systems based on the time of year.


Use your own bike for workouts


AM/PM workouts


Your own personal dashboard during each ride


A virtual locker room to access your ride data

Fact: VQ athletes improve up to 13% in their first 8 weeks.


This functional training program is designed to incorporate exercises that mimic the demands placed on endurance athletes along with exercises for postural alignment and efficiency of movement. These two concepts work together to develop a well rounded athlete and prevent injury. Our classes are small in nature to allow for a more intentional and structured training experience.


Structured workouts to align with training phases


Baseline testing and assessment of limiting factors


Small group training for individual attention

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