Private Rides

Step Up Your Cycling Game

Learn the skills of pack riding at YOUR pace

Group riding is all about confidence. Whether it’s drafting, turning, safety or group ride etiquette, our coaches here at Vision Quest will customize a ride to give you the knowledge and comfort to raise your best to a new level.

From clipping in to mastering riding in a paceline, a private ride is safe and customized ride created to hone in on the skills you want to achieve. A private one on one ride with one of our experienced Vision Quest coaches is the perfect way to learn the skills of pack riding at your pace.

The Bottom Line:

  • Spend 90 minutes with a VQ coach who have years of experience both in and outside of the pro peloton
  • Benefits to any skill level and cycling discipline
  • Development of pack skills, bike handling, and race tactics in a safe, controlled environment


Your Ride, Your Pace

Private rides with our experienced coaches are tailored to your specific needs


Confidence in riding in a group to boost your cycling skills


Maximize your time with private instruction


Advice from experienced coaches on pack riding