Virtual Metabolic Testing


A metabolic approach to training efficiency

The performance you are looking for is composed of a variety of components and metrics, but if you only focus on FTP, power output or heart rate zones, you’ll miss accuracy and efficiency. Whether you are a:

  • Triathlete trying to maximize your pacing strategy
  • A gravel grinder looking to optimize your fueling requirements
  • A beginner trying to figure out how to train a little smarter

you can benefit by doing a metabolic assessment.

The Bottom Line:

  • You'll find out how much fat and sugar you are burning at every power output.
  • You'll get key metrics like VLaMax & VO2Max to help you create the most effective individual training plan for your next event.
  • Insights into your metabolic efficiency to properly fuel your body for maximum performance.
  • Access to a test that's not just for the pros. It's for anyone that wants to train more efficiently.
  • A power meter and bike computer will be required to perform the assessment.
  • Once you purchase a virtual assessment, you will receive an email with the assessment procedures.

With this assessment, you will know your:

  • Anaerobic threshold
  • VlaMax
  • VO2Max
  • Which energy system is your rate limiter
  • And much more!

Training for Something Specific?

Find out what maximum average power you can hold for your next event duration & the optimal fueling strategy needed

Learn how to train your body to burn the proper fuel type (fat/sugar) for the intensity your event needs

Test results will help you put together the perfect pacing strategy for a variety of events

Looking to Maximize Your Fitness Without Increasing Your Training Time?

Test results will show you the most efficient way to raise your FTP

Learn how to maximize fat burning and aerobic development on your easy days

Optimize your recovery sets by learning the exact power number that will maximize your lactic buffering so you are as fresh as possible for your next intensity interval

How it Works

  • Sign up for the VQ virtual metabolic assessment
  • A power meter and bike computer will be required to perform the assessment
  • Receive the test procedures from the VQ team
  • You will be required to do 4 maximal efforts of varying durations over the course of one week
  • Efforts will range from 20 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Follow the steps to get the correct data points
  • Submit your data points to VQ
  • Check your inbox for your assessment results from VQ Founder Robbie Ventura
  • Schedule a follow up consult with Robbie to discuss how to best use your assessment results in your training and event preparation
  • Follow-up testing is recommended after a 4 month period to properly track progress and adjust training focus

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