VQ Wellness

Welcome to VQ Wellness, a division of Vision Quest Coaching. With over 20 years experience in personal and individual coaching, we knew there would be great benefits in sharing health and wellness on a larger scale within corporate communities. With our team of experts in longevity, nutrition, mental health, exercise, and sleep, we deliver highly customized wellness programs to our corporate clients. We are honored to partner with company leaders to build personalized education and activity based curriculums that energize their workforce…guiding employees in making measurable changes, developing good habits and improving (and extending) their lives. If you are interested in learning more about what kind of program we can build for your company, please email win@visionquestcoaching.com

As a result of the Covid Pandemic, with our people working remotely, we asked VQ to come up with a Corporate Wellness Program so our staff could become more engaged, keep healthy and form a stronger corporate allegiance. The effort by VQ has been greater than we ever anticipated.Now that the Covid Pandemic is over, this Wellness Program is still hugely relevant and worth the cost and effort.VQ’s efforts are effective. Our staff are energized and engaged and I can focus on other areas of our business, feeling very comfortable that our HR needs are being complemented by this wonderful program.Kudos to VQ.

-Tony Lakier, President, RedMane Technology