Coaching Options

Vision Quest Coaching is for Anyone, Anywhere

Having a Vision Quest coach is more than just a training plan being uploaded each month; it’s a partnership. It’s the expertise and insight of world class coaches. It’s receiving the latest scientific innovations in endurance sports. It’s being a part of a larger community. We understand that not all athletes start at the same point. Whether you need a place to start, have a firm goal, or feel stuck in the mud, we will work with you to to create a pathway to success.


Safety is a high priority from our coaches to our athletes being fully committed to ongoing prevention and risk management for every ride and training session



Start with a one-on-one phone consultation or in-person meeting to find your baseline.



Receive a customized weekly training plan exclusively tailored to your goals and schedule.



Communicate with your coach on weekly workouts and racing goals to consistently track progress.

Elite Coaching $300/month

→ Meet the VQ Elite Coaches

Vision Quest Elite Coaches each have 10+ years experience riding/racing and coaching. They have achieved professional status in their fields and are able to provide insight, guidance, and direction that warrant a higher level of access for our members.

Expert Coaching $200/month

→ Meet the VQ Expert Coaches

Vision Quest Expert Coaches are certified coaches that have experience in their fields, understand the Vision Quest philosophy and are dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals.

Whether you have a VQ membership or do not live close enough to a Performance Training Center, you can still benefit from the expertise of our Vision Quest Coaching Services. Click below for more info!