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Tye Eckert

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Degree: Biology

College: Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI)

Certification: Ironman Coaching Certification

Specificity: Triathlon

Why do you coach?

I love the triathlon community and have a passion for making it more accessible to everyone. I love to help onboard new athletes and walk alongside veterans as well.

Most memorable moment as a coach?

Seeing my mom celebrate her 60th birthday by competing in her first triathlon season.

Coaching Accomplishments (of your athletes and as a professional):

Keeping athletes motivated on a less-than-stellar day.

Personal Achievements:

Three time Ironman Finisher (Cozumel, Louisville x2)

Why do you work for Vision Quest Coaching?

I had been riding at Vision Quest for a few years when the opportunity to coach came along. I love riding with data and being able to coach with it as well. The community here is great and keeps me going when the seasons get tough.

Favorite Pastime When Not Training or Coaching:

When I am not coaching or training I am spending time with my wife and two kids. I am also busy with my full-time job directing the triathlon program for Team World Vision.