Jessica Stroup

Current Residence: Chicago, IL


  • Cert. Running Gait Biomechanics
  • Cert. CMFA

Specificities: Strength Training & Injury Risk Prevention

VQ Location: Chicago

Why do you coach: I want to help VQ athletes become their strongest, most resilient selves.

Functional strength and mobility will improve performance as an athlete and in daily life. The more consistently you can train without interruption due to injury and poor recovery, the more fitness you can maintain and gain year to year. Let's be in it for the long haul!

Personal Achievements: I started off in competitive soccer and transitioned to recreational running. I have ran many half marathons and 3 full marathons. My next endeavor is a 55k.

I see my biggest achievements in the people I have helped get back to the sports or activities they want to do.

Favorite Activities: Running, trail/mountain biking, CrossFit, rock climbing, XC skiing

Favorite Pastime when not training or coaching: Playing with puppies, spending time with friends and family, cooking/baking