You Can Never Out-Train a Bad Diet

Sure you will improve your fitness, but unless you fine tune your nutrition, like you do your training, you will never know your true potential. This fine tuning does not require you to read chapter after chapter of food rules or wade through lists of exceptions. Simply stated, it comes down to the old K.I.S.S. principle - Keep It Simple. Sure there are tweaks along the way, but your training varies as the season progresses as well. This is called Nutrition Periodization. This involves:

  • adjusting your overall fuel intake
  • manipulating proportions of carbs, proteins
  • fats
  • adjusting the timing of fueling your body

This is based on your activity level or training phase (base, build, taper, etc). In doing so and keeping it simple choose whole foods. This means build your plate to include a variety of textures and colors from fruits/vegetables & nuts, lean proteins, high fiber, complex carbohydrates, and don’t forget healthy fats. The benefits from whole foods just can’t be matched by bars or shakes, no matter how convincing the label reads.