Two Person Team Time Trialing Tips

This is one of the biggest VQ Events of the year, and we encourage everyone to participate! One of the greatest benefits to being a VQ member is the ability to try new things and push yourself to a new level, and this is a fantastic opportunity to do that!! Here are some tips to look over before our first practice tomorrow.

1. Communicate

Communication is by far the most important thing you need to do.

"Slow down, I can't keep up."

"My legs feel great; how about yours?"

Constantly talk to each other and monitor how each of you are feeling and whether the pace is working for both of you. HELP EACH OTHER OUT. Praise each other for good pulls, particularly in the wind. Talk, talk, talk, talk.

2. Wind

Always, always, always ---- be aware of wind direction, particularly after a turn. Find the "sweet spot" behind your partner or to his/her right or left.

3. Stay Together

Time is measured based upon the second rider crossing the line. Finishing 30 seconds ahead of your partner may be wonderful for your ego, but is terrible for your results. Stay together on the straight-aways; stay together on the turns. Turns are critical; you can lose precious seconds re-grouping. Smooth acceleration out of the turns. Remember the person behind you needs to stay on your wheel. Ride very very close to the wheel in front of you. Inches make a difference in energy saved.

4. Adjust

One minute is a good amount of time to stay in front. However, it may very well be that one of you is stronger on the day of the race; it might even be the one who is normally not as strong; the body is different from day to day. Let the stronger cyclist pull LONGER, not harder or faster; let the slower cyclist pull shorter.

5. Leave your ego in the car

It is called a "team time trial." You both need to finish together. It makes no difference that one of you pulled for a longer total period of time than the other; it is your finishing time that counts.

6. Get behind your partner as fast as possible

When rotating positions, the faster you get do it, the less you are hanging out in the wind. Stay tight, not just front to back but side to side when you are rotating positions. Don't swing out real wide; stay close. If you are in the back during a turn, make certain that your partner knows that you are still there. If you have fallen off during a turn or otherwise, scream out so that your partner waits for you.

7. Have fun

Individual time trials can be psychological hell. Team time trials, are an absolute blast. Enjoy yourself. Not many people in the world can do this.