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Looking Ahead at 2023

As 2023 begins, I cannot help but think how much quicker the years fly by as I age. With my oldest graduating from college and my youngest in high school, I am in awe of how fast things move. This is a poignant reminder for me that I still have much to do as a father and husband … and also personally and professionally.

My newest professional venture, building software that helps coaches coach better and athletes learn more, has been very exciting for my team and me. Velocity has helped to build a greater, stronger community of people training together no matter where they live.

Our VQ Wellness program continues to expand and thrive. Through education around sleep, exercise, nutrition, and mental health, our team has guided our clients in making measurable changes, developing good habits and changing (and extending!) their lives.

VQ is ever-evolving and growing with our incredible athletes who continue to show up, support each other and, most of all, step outside of their comfort zones. We love nothing more than providing support, sharing knowledge, and finding inspiration with you. With big events like LOTOJA, Blue Ridge Parkway and Rebecca's Idaho event on deck, we have plenty of great challenges for all VQers to make 2023 a year to remember.

In this new year, as always, I look forward to pushing the members of our VQ family towards their healthiest, strongest and best selves. My personal goals include approaching all the new and exciting 2023 challenges and opportunities with intention…to slow down at times and make each of these moments special. As I navigate my ever-accelerating world, I will try not to lose sight of the reasons we started VQ, VQ Wellness and Velocity, which have always been to:

  • Increase and improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of everyone we can

  • Keep people improving and learning no matter their age, ability, or experience

  • Inspire people to take risks, push themselves outside of their comfort zone and show them they can do so much more than they thought

  • Create a culture and a place where our fellow teammates continue to grow, everyone supports each other by showing up and knowing that bad days will happen. Growth is not linear, and no matter what, if you stay consistent with exercise, sleep, and nutrition good things will follow…it just may take time.

I hope all of you can take a moment to highlight some of the big moments of the past year and look ahead at the possibilities of this new one. Let’s strive to be present and grateful for every moment. I’m personally so thankful for the entire VQ team, the people who believe in what we are doing and this community we’ve built together. I keep telling myself time may slow if I can pause to remember these things. Easier said than done, I know, but I feel 2023 will be a special one.

  • ciao~
  • Robbie