Holiday Weight

I know I give the same tip every year around the holidays but it is a good one so here goes again. The holidays are a time to enjoy family, friends, the changing of the seasons and to share with others happiness and joy. However all this joy is usually accompanied by large quantities of food. And that is all part of the holiday cheer, I know. My suggestion is to merely watch the volumes you ingest. Try a bit of everything, just keep the portions sizes small and make sure that you eat slow.

When we are in the festive mood we often load up a plate of food wolf it down and before we realize we are full we devour a second plate. If we just take a few more minutes to slow down, relax and enjoy each bite and you will be surprised how full one plate of food makes you.

I like to start with a big plate of salad to help curb my initial hunger. Then I can have a modest portion of the higher calorie foods. Remember that alcohol has big calories and to much of that is like another plate of food.

All in all, I suggest you do not deny yourself anything. Try everything and enjoy the great dinners the holidays bring to us. Just take a step back, slow down and hold off on the second go around.