Grocery Shopping Strategies

A sneak peak in VQ Coach Dr. Max Testa's book, "Faster, Better, Stronger"

Smart grocery shopping can help you save calories and money, and you will eat better too. Here are some guidelines for grocery shopping:

  • Choose smaller, single-serving sized apples, bananas and other fruits rather than the super-sized ones often available. This will help keep your portion sizes down.
  • Get over any fears of frozen. Frozen vegetables are a healthy option; are easy to keep around and come pre-washed, -trimmed and -cut for quick preparation. They work particularly well in stir-fries, in soups and with pasta and grains.
  • Fruits canned in their own juices (not syrup) and drained are another option.
  • Mix your whole grains. Try barley and quinoa or brown rice and whole wheat. At least half of your carbohydrates should be whole grains. Look for "100% whole grain" on the package. It should also be listed as the first ingredient.
  • Don't abstain from foods you love. You can keep your favorite foods, just reduce your portions and the frequency. For example, have one ounce of chocolate twice a week rather than a bar every day.

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