A Crock-Pot, Just What I Have Always Wanted!

“Gee thanks honey, a Crock-Pot. Just what I have always wanted!”

Not quite what was on your wish list, but with the right kitchen appliances you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time doing what you really want to be doing. Plus they’ll help you get the most favor and nutrition from your food. I have listed a few favorites in my kitchen:

The Crock-Pot – you know, the things you would find line-up on the table, like soldiers, at the PTA potluck dinner. These are the ‘fix-and-forget-it’ appliances of yester-year making a comeback in the 21st century. This baby kept me fed in grad school. They’re ideal for simmering lean cuts of meat, which are healthier due to their low fat content, but also tougher for the same reason. Just put the ingredients in the pot, turn it on, and you are out the door - it works, while you work.

Smokeless stove top grill – We got this as a wedding gift - you know, one of those you say, “regift!” Well, it has turned out to on of our favorites for quick, clean cooking. The heavy-duty grill plate cooks food perfectly with even heat for low-fat or no-fat cooking. The water filled outer ring catches fat and juices as it grills, leaving it moist, juicy and delicious. We have used it for both meats & vegetables. Just Google stove top grill – yes, it’s the ‘As Seen On TV’ grill top. I told you, our first response, but you will have to try it yourself.

Pressure cooker—not just for grandma’s canning any more. How about cooking a whole chicken in 25 minutes or brown rice in 20 minutes and not have the messy, cooked-on layer at the bottom of the pan? A pressure cooker can:

  • Reduce cooking time by 50% or more compared to conventional cooking techniques
  • Decrease energy usage
  • Keep your kitchen cool
  • Make great tasting food with or without added fats
  • Boost your nutrition by locking in flavor and color
  • Make cooking meals change from boring to delicious