Meet Kat Sweatt

Current Residence: Birmingham, AL

Degrees: PhD in Nutrition Sciences, MS in Exercise Physiology

College(s): University of Alabama at Birmingham; Samford University

Certifications: USA Cycling Certified Coach

Areas of expertise: Lifestyle Nutrition, weight loss/gain, sports nutrition

What location do you do consultations at: Remote consulting

Why do you work in Nutrition: Nutrition is central to both healthy living and sport performance. I have an in-depth knowledge of evidence-based nutrition, metabolism, and exercise science and a passion for sharing what I have learned to help others reach their nutrition and performance goals.

Personal Achievements or Publications: Completing my PhD; publications in peer review journals including Nutrition and Metabolism, Psychoneuroendocrinology, Food and Nutrition Report, Journal of Human Biology, and Racial and Ethnic Disparities; joining VQ, top 15 finish at US Pro National Road Race

What is VQ to you: VQ provides top notch testing and training for both coaches and clients. The metabolic testing and body composition analysis allows nutritionists to develop precise nutrition plans, practical goals, and measure progress. VQ is great, even for coaches and clients way down south in Alabama!

What can clients expect when working with you? No one person is the same when it comes to nutrition needs. You can expect evidence-based nutrition practices, accountability, motivation, confidentiality, structure, and a plan tailored specifically to you.

Favorite past time when not working? Recovery rides, yoga, and front porch parties