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Kat Sweatt

Current Residence: Birmingham, AL

College: Undergraduate at Samford University (Birmingham, AL), Graduate at University of Alabama at Birmingham

Degrees: PhD in Nutrition Sciences, Master’s in Exercise Physiology, BS in Sports Medicine

Certifications: USAC Level 3 Coach

Why do you coach?: I love educating, data mining, and the experiment aspects of coaching. We are constantly evaluating, tweaking, and learning.

Most memorable moment as a coach: As a cycling coach, my most memorable moment was the excitement and sense of accomplishment when an athlete new to cycling finished her longest ride to date. As a nutrition coach, I love when educating clients and seeing it “click.” My favorite success has to be from a client who set a goal of reducing risk of disease and being as fit as possible when he turns 50. He changed his diet, lost 25 lbs, routinely sets new PRs on the bike, and says he is more fit now than he was at age 17.

Why do you work for Vision Quest Coaching? VQ has the resources to be the best coach possible, work with great people, and get quality results.

Favorite Pastime: Yoga cooking, and hanging out on my front porch with friends.

Personal achievements: Alabama State Road and Cyclocross Champion. Top 15 finishes at National Road and Criterium races in 2017. Podium at Rouge Roubaix, first place at Southern Cross.