VQ & You: Mitch Goldflies

The simple fact is that Robbie Ventura and Vision Quest Coaching gave me my life back. I signed up for my first Taste of VQ in February 2010, having been convinced by a co-worker who was transformed by VQ from a person who rides a bicycle for recreation to a cyclist completing centuries.

When I joined VQ, I was rapidly approaching 60 years of age and I felt like the remainder of my life would be spent carefully tip-toeing to the grave. My knees were arthritic from running. My right shoulder and elbow were sore and stiff from a bad bicycle accident in 2004. My flexibility and balance were history. Despite the fitness program I was on at the time, I continued to gain weight and lose fitness. My work as a surgeon and my family were the only things I had time for in my life. I sought salvation in the cult of VQ. I ended up becoming a member of the VQ family.

Now starting my fourth year with VQ I can reflect on the positive impact Robbie and VQ have made on my life. My testing numbers as well as ability to ride on the road and trails have improved. My understanding of cycling, training, wrenching, riding and equipment has evolved. I have traded some fat for fitness. I have short- and long-term goals in my new cycling career. I have a coach that supports my cycling.

For me, cycling is a physically and mentally healing activity. On many rides I experience the “Cyclist’s Zone” which is similar to the “Runner’s High”. I ride within myself and enter the same meditative state that runners describe. I suspect that the “Cyclist’s Zone” may be a game that my mind plays on me to convince me that I am not suffering that much while riding above my lactate threshold.

Still the best part of the cycling is the nap after a long hard ride.