VQ & You: Mike Adamle

To Be Part of Something Bigger than Yourself

Ever since I played little league baseball, I believed that being part of a team meant everything. And while blood, sweat and tears were necessary for individual achievement, having partners on the athletic journeys of life was just as important--and a helluva lot more fun. It certainly was true when I played college football at Northwestern and definitely when I was kicking ass and getting my ass kicked in the NFL! Fast-forward 30 years: it was still the same. I was still looking for that something bigger than myself; being a part of it. Hello Vision Quest Coaching! I wish I had met Robbie, Dave and the gang a long time ago, but I'll settle for present and future. Forget about the hands-on, comprehensive coaching for a second, that speaks for itself. It's the camaraderie that sets VQ above the rest. Whether at Fullerton Avenue or Highland Park, it's a comfort zone. You aren’t judged, just taught. My bike handling skills still leave something to be desired, but are certainly a lot better than when I first started (at about zero). My first VQ adventure was the Wolfgang Freitag Two Person Team Time Trial. I had never done anything like it before and hadn’t realized how hard it was to sustain a measly 17 or 18 mph pace. But I, and my partner, Bogie (who could forget that name?), eventually got the hang of it and were able to stay with the pack, taking turns drafting for one another. Then it happened: a deer jumped onto the road in front of the pack and froze! A few riders hit the panic button and went down. Bogie took me out. I don't remember if I finished or not, but I do remember making it back for the post-race team picture...with major road rash...and a giant smile on my face!!! Bogie, even though he didn't have to, apologized profusely and even went so far as to have a Mass said on my behalf--now that's camaraderie! That's my VQ story and I'm sticking to it!

I'm proud to wear the VQ colors every time I ride. It always amazes me how many people shout out as I fly by: "GO VQ!" Mike Adamle Class of 2014