VQ & You: Highlight Reel

Welcome to VQ's highlight reel, where we will be showcasing incredible gains and uplifting news during this stay-at-home period.

Dennis Vidanes, VQ Member

What gains have you noticed since starting Virtual Training?

  • Dennis Vidanes: I look stronger compared to last year. I can do solo rides much better and am more confident, before I always benefited from drafting in group rides.

What are some outdoor riding skills that you honed in on during the Virtual Training program?

  • DV: I've been able to learn from Dave Noda on how to shift better: constant pressure (wait for the pressure in the back wheel then shift on climbing and down shift), at the top of the climb (shift up) build momentum again to propel me on the next climb. In short, don’t stop pedaling and “avoid skipping the dip”!

What measurable gains have you seen:

  • DV: I've been able to recover so much faster (during rides and back to back Sat/Sun rides). I'm riding faster on flats and hills and I'm already able to last longer, ~90 miles with no drafting!

Anything else you want to share about your experience?

  • DV: I’m new to VQ, so this is a whole new world for me! I used TrainerRoad since 2017, so FTP, Sweet-spot, Base, Build, Specialty - are the buzz words I learned. The way Robbie described the VQ approach is building the foundation and then V02max, as it will prepare us to build our AT with a higher ceiling (longer term benefits). Versus a cyclist just using TrainerRoad they will improve their FTP via sweet spot, but soon they will hit their ceiling.
  • Then I stepped up my training by doing a Metabolic Test where based on you "A" race specific goals, Robbie helped plan and track a training plan based on my metrics. I also learned how Anaerobic and Aerobic Energy systems work with their fuel sources and byproducts.

Joe Luniak, VQ Member

What's been your training routine since Covid-19?

  • Joe Luniak: Mainly indoor training with a few outdoor solo rides sprinkled in. 300-600 TSS per week.

How many classes per week:

  • JL: Been doing 3-4 VQ virtual rides per week.

What measurable gains have you seen:

  • JL: During the VQ metabolic testing:
    • All-time high 3 minute power
    • All-time high 5 minute power
    • 2nd highest all-time 10 minute power

Anything else you want to share about your experience?

  • JL: I am an analytical cyclist, almost to a fault. The VQ Virtual Intensity rides have helped me build my anaerobic engine during the pandemic. It is not uncommon to see my FRC or W' values dip below zero during these virtual VQ intensity workouts.