VQ & You: Gillian Forsyth

My name is Gillian Forsyth, I am a type 1 diabetic. These are not my first words because I want you to feel sorry for me; these are my first words because even if one person with type 1 diabetes should read this, I want them to know that they can achieve whatever they put their minds and bodies to. Don’t let your doubts get in the way of your dreams or goals. I am a two-time ironman, have completed a Leadman Tri 250 and have cycled and run thousands of miles on my journey. Vision Quest Coaching has given me the strength to make that journey, complete my goals and dream big.

It is not just the brutally hard training sessions at Vision Quest that get you to your goal. It is the people: Dave, Robbie, Melissa G, all the other members that train with you--they make you feel that no matter who you are you should believe that you can do it. Believing is half the battle in accomplishing whatever goal you set for yourself.

One of the best memories I have is from the VQ Santa Rosa Women’s Camp in 2011. I never would have believed that I could have ridden so many days in a row and climbed such steep hills. It wasn’t just about the athletics though, many friendships were forged there and to this day I think I could call upon any of those women should the need arise. The trip was so well organized that not one of us felt we couldn’t keep up. That is not easy to do. We all learned valuable lessons, including the most valuable lesson of all: Robbie’s technique for washing your kit in a hotel room, complete with his snail/reverse snail drying technique. It was priceless! Believe me, this lesson alone was worth the price of the camp!!!

This all started for me in 2010 as a weekly Taste of VQ class, then on to the Santa Rosa Cycling Camp, Ironman races, Robbie’s Gran Fondo, dragging myself to swim twice each week and finally becoming a member. Now I am about to embark on one of the toughest races of my life: Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race. When VQ announced going to the race as a group, I just somehow felt in my heart that I wanted to do it. I toiled over the decision for weeks--wanting to do it and being able to do it are two completely different animals. Finally, on the day of the deadline, I signed up. What put me over the edge? Believing that if anyone can get me to that finish line, VQ can!