Ten Tips for a Successful Outdoor Road Season, Part 2

The outdoor road season has finally arrived! Now that you've moved your ride outside, make sure you maintain your focus on safety! First a review…

1.Bike Check

2. Obey Road Signs

3. Head UP!

4. Communication is Key!

5. Ride Predictably And now for part two…

6. Respect Traffic

  • This includes all road signs and rules of the road
  • Ride single file (riding 4 or 5 across the lane upsets drivers in cars!)
  • Stay close to the right at all times
  • Keep groups small, 10-15 at most
  • Divide larger groups into two or three smaller chunks (makes it easier for cars to pass)

7. VQ Certification

  • 90 minutes to teach turning, getting in/out of pedals, bike safety, road safety

8. Stay within Limits

  • Bad decisions come from pushing limits too far (no oxygen to the brain!) and lead to dangerous situations
  • There will be plenty of time to push yourself hard later when you’re more comfortable

9. LSAP (Protocol for Group Rides)

  • When pulling off the front:
  • a) Look: all clear? no cars?
  • b) Signal: hand, elbow, even a verbal “pulling off”
  • c) Accelerate: ensures no overlap crashes
  • d) Pull Off: safely! 10. Safe Stops
  • Not in the middle of the road
  • Not on the right, next to the road
  • Get WAY off
  • Space should be large enough to accommodate entire group

Remember: You’ll enjoy yourself more if you know how to ride safely and predictably!