Race-day Recap to Have You Ready to Really RUN!

If all season you having been pro-active and practiced your race-day nutrition plan, this will be a refresher course.

  • Pre-race meal is to top off your glycogen stores, breaking the fast. Eat what is familiar and will sit well in the stomach. Try to do this 2-4 hours before race start.
  • Rehydrate the body from an overnight dry spell, you are waking up at least 30% dehydrated. 2-4 hours before the race consume 16-20 ounces of fluids. Consume 8-10 ounces of fluids 15-20 minutes before the gun goes off. Choose fluids that you enjoy, so you are more likely to drink.
  • Anticipate the weather – heat, humidity, wind, etc. Plan your race nutrition & supplementation accordingly.
  • Manage your stress – just roll with what comes your way. This will minimize the chances of experiencing GI disturbances.

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