Quick Nutrition Tip: Begin Creating New Habits

If it takes 3 weeks to break a habit and just one week to make a habit, why not start now? Some tips to help you begin creating new habits, or to break those old ones include:

1. Avoid quick fixes, like crash diets or those 'too good to be true' solutions. For these temporary fixes to long-term problems are unlikely to be sustaining habits for long-term health improvements or performance benefits.

2. Evaluate the landscape around you. Eliminate the clutter and minimize the distractions. Although these are not food related actions, they can influence your emotional state, thus nutritional choices (more on Stress & Eating in a later Nutrition Quick Tip).

3. Take advantage of the 'Prime Real Estate'. Place healthy snack & meal ingredients in a bowl on your counter (fruits & vegetables) or front and center in the refrigerator. Keep the 'sometimes foods' behind closed doors and drawers. After all, out of site out of mind!

4. Finally, write down your now intended habit, and share it with a friend or family member. They maybe more on board for establishing a new, healthy habit than you realized.