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Mindfulness for Change, Part 6

When we practice mindfulness, we observe our present situation, thoughts and feelings. Just noticing whatever is there. Now we turn towards what we truly experience without pushing it away, trying to change or fix it. Now we become freed from spending our energy trying to control it.

When applied to everyday life, we can come to see this approach as a letting go of attempts at striving, or at controlling. We can come to trust that the situation we are in will work out. Not necessarily as we would choose, but in a way that we will be able to handle.

When we trust, we can then let go.


Such a simple word. Yet, one that is very difficult for most of us.

We often talk of trusting others, such as to do a good job fixing our car, or repaying the $10 bucks we loaned them for lunch.

Other times we trust people with our secrets or hearts - usually this is harder.

And then there's trust of ourselves. Do I dare to look at my dreams? To look at what I really feel? To accept what there is to be accepted, even if it's not what I want?

This form of trust is often the hardest.

Yet when we meditate, when we mindfully notice, we find that we can trust. That we can trust that whatever the situation we find ourselves in that it will work out, that whatever we find within ourselves, that it will work out. We will be okay.

Again, it may not be as we want, but as we trust the flow of life, we find we are able to live without trying to control our situation, thoughts and feelings.

We are able to find peace.

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