Indoor Training Benefits

We all ride bikes for different reasons, but mostly for the experience of riding them outside in great weather. With the outdoor weather looking really pleasant, it’s tempting to leave the trainer behind and start doing all of your training outside. Regardless of your goals, continuing to include a ride on the indoor trainer once a week is beneficial to continued forward progress. Here are a few reasons you may not want to put that trainer tire too far out of reach:

  • Trainers are more specific: most people have to deal with intersections and variable terrain outdoors, which can make sticking to workout goals challenging. The trainer allows you to dial in your resistance perfectly.
  • Trainers are quicker: as a result of the increased specificity and lack of coasting, you can fit the same workout into a shorter timeframe. With longer rides, two hours indoors is comparable to a three-hour outdoor ride.
  • Trainers are safer: some athletes’ schedules put them outside in the dark or at times when traffic is heavy. Riding indoors allows you to focus on riding without avoiding potholes or drivers who aren't paying attention.