Off Season Challenge

December 2 - February 16

Get strong, improve your body composition & build healthy habits

Team Leaderboard

As of Monday, 12/9

Team Points (Based on Weekly Team Ranking)


The Teams

Noda's Nirvana's (Captain: Dave Noda)

  • Ken Carl
  • Tim Duffy
  • Jon Hageman
  • Mike Leon
  • Lesley Macedon
  • Jonathan Markowitz
  • Ruth Meade
  • Barbara Miller
  • Matt Parr
  • Tom Ross
  • Samantha Starsick
  • Rick Sudekum
  • Larry Thuet
  • Mark Zaar
  • Gina Zaar

The Warriors (Captain: Ron Dorneker)

  • Bruno Bertocci
  • Carol Cook
  • Ted Cornell
  • Glenn Crane
  • Rick Davis
  • Larry Jones
  • Sarah Jones
  • Meg Naulty
  • Mary O'Broin
  • Scott Ruiz
  • Mitur Sakoda
  • Pam Staton
  • Carol Steele
  • Tina Umanskiy
  • Robbie Ventura

Ride the Storm (Captain: Terry Gross)

  • Roberta Auslander
  • Jane Irwin
  • Robert Lee
  • Audrey Lessinger
  • John Nichols
  • Carole Ortiz
  • Ken Ortiz
  • Bryan Proctor
  • Emily Qualich
  • Mike Rechtin
  • Bryan Segal
  • Lori Ventura
  • Rory Welch

In the Zone (Captain: Kate Amaral)

  • Gil Bathgate
  • Lana Burl
  • Anna Clausen
  • Parris Devine
  • Bill Duke
  • James Egan
  • Jackie Greenberg
  • Janet Katz
  • Howard Kreiner
  • Suzie LaBelle
  • Tony Lakier
  • Estelle Lakier
  • Jen Mandel
  • Karen Whitson

Blue Zone (Captain: Janine Newman)

  • Inga Andrews
  • Jamie Bagelman
  • Meghan Brooks
  • Michael Brooks
  • Peggy Burroughs
  • Sam Cole
  • Paul Kretekos
  • Murray Lessinger
  • Kimberly Lilly
  • Amanda Ray
  • Michael Ray
  • Larry Wright
  • Alan Zablocki

WEEK 2 CHALLENGE: Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables

This week’s challenge is to get in either fruits or veggies in 3x per day. Perhaps it’s spinach in your scrambled eggs, berries in your oatmeal, or, a delicious kale smoothie, start your day strong with colorful delicious fruits and veggies. Then….keep it going! Include them at lunch and then again at dinner. With all the diet fads that have come and gone, fruits and vegetables are still the healthy things to eat. They provide good fiber and are packed with vitamins. For each day you get in fruits or veggies in 3x per day, score yourself 1 point.

Check out these quick tips from Lydia's video to help you eat your fruits & veggies three times a day!



  • Cardio/Endurance: 2 pts per session greater than 30 minutes (Heart rate above Zone 2). Max 3 days per week (6pts max per week)
  • Strength: 3 points per session. Max 3 per week (9 points max per week)
  • Reflection: 1 per week. Reflection will be posted on team Whatsapp channel. Max 1 per week (10 points)
  • Nutrition: 0, 1 or 2 points per day, 0 = worse than normal, 1 = same, 2 = better than normal. Max 2 points a day, 14 points per week
  • Weekly Challenge: Complete each day of the challenge. Max 7 per week (1 point)
  • Habit Builder: 1 or 0 per day completing your habit builder. Max 1 point for each day you complete the challenge


You will pick a habit builder that is a personal challenge you choose at the start of the OSC for the full 11 weeks. You will receive 1 point each day for achieving your goal in one of 5 areas.

  • Sleep (7+ hours a night)
  • Hydration (drink half your body weight in oz per day)
  • Journaling (daily intention/priorities or evening reflections)
  • Meditation (5-10 min per day or Headspace app)
  • Screen time (decrease usage by 25% based on starting percentage)

Share your selection with your team captain!


Scored at the end of the 11 weeks

  • 30 points for each pound of muscle gained
  • 30 points for each pound of fat lost


OSC Bonus Points Event (30 points): January 11th

Breakthrough Ministry Event - stay tuned for more info!