Metabolic Testing

Understanding and Pushing Your Limits

Learn the key ingredients to use your training time efficiently to raise your best to a higher level

Vision Quest Coaching is the exclusive Midwest partner with INSCYD, a revolutionary test that breaks down an athletes' performance and allows us to provide a more accurate and efficient training program.

Power zones, functional threshold, and heart rate are only some of the metrics to focus on when honing in on your training program. Metabolic testing helps athletes find their strengths and training limiters to create a more complete performance report like never before.

The Bottom Line:

  • Assessment takes less than 1 hour to complete at our Vision Quest Highland Park location
  • You'll get key metrics to help you create the most effective individual training plan for your next event
  • Insights into your metabolic efficiency to properly fuel your body for maximum performance
  • Access to a test that's not just for the pros. It's for anyone that wants to train smarter, not harder - everyone!


Fuel the Fire

To achieve maximum performance we need to accurately understand how each individual athlete performs at the highest efficiency


Metabolic Report shows a variety of metrics - not just FTP


Insights on a fueling plan based on your calorie expenditure


Measurable personal goals which lead to results