Mental Skills

Gain The Mental Edge

You train your body, now it's time to train the mind

Vision Quest is fortunate to partner up with some of Chicago's top sports psychologist to elevate your mental skills. The brain is like any muscles in the body. If you want it to become stronger it takes training. Schedule online to unlock your peak performance.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. These are words we live by, but how do we develop toughness? We spend countless hours training our muscles and increasing our endurance, but what percentage do we spend training our mind?

The Bottom Line:

  • You'll get a session with our staff who have worked with top athletes such as the Chicago Blackhawks
  • Mental skills session can benefit athletes of all abilities and disciplines
  • Focus in on enhancing performance through pre-race and race day strategies
  • Techniques to overcome setbacks such as anxiety, injury, and self-doubt


Brain Power

What if we were to say that your mind is the key to peak performance?

Get to Know Our Mental Skills Coaches