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July 12, 2020


Special Announcements

NEW for Madison Rides in 2020! We've added another ride to our Madison Ride series AND a 3-day training camp options available in July & August that are great options to add more tri training volume while you're in Madison

Your VQ Locker Room You've received an email about entering your Locker Room where you'll be able to see your VQ rides on the new software and connect to Training Peaks/Strava. If you haven't or are having issues reach out to Click here to access your Locker Room.

VQ Members Discounts:

Enjoy 20% off your TrainingPeaks premium subscription for up to 1 year. Code: VQ20163

VQ Outdoor Ride Weather Protocol: Outdoor rides will be canceled if...

  • Rain: If it is raining or if there is a 50% chance of rain forecasted for the ride start
  • Temperature: the forecasted temperature at ride start is under 25 degrees
  • Our reference will be the Dark Sky app for Highland Park, IL

The VQ Indoor Ride Experience

  • VQ Indoor Rides: Becoming Better Bike Riders


A sneak peek at what's coming up at Vision Quest