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January 2020


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VQ Outdoor Ride Weather Protocol: Outdoor rides will be canceled if...

  • Rain: If it is raining or if there is a 50% chance of rain forecasted for the ride start
  • Temperature: the forecasted temperature at ride start is under 25 degrees
  • Our reference will be the Dark Sky app for Highland Park, IL


A sneak peek at what's coming up at Vision Quest


  • Jan 1: VQ Closed for New Years Day
  • Jan 9: RGT Cycling Event Series #1 - Central Park Circuit Race
  • Jan 21-24: VQ Clermont Camp
  • Jan 30: RGT Cycling Event Series #2 - Gravel Ride


  • Feb 13: RGT Cycling Event Series #3 - Stelvio Team Everesting
  • Feb 27: RGT Cycling Event Series #4 - Team Time Trial


  • Stay tuned!