matt holt.png

Matt Holt

Current Residence: Wilmette, IL

Degrees: Bachelors, University of Arizona

Certifications: Level III USAC

Specificity: Road, Crits, Cross

VQ Location: Chicago (where else is there?)

Why do you coach: I love sharing and teaching all of the knowledge that I have gained throughout my years as a cyclist and a VQ athlete

Coaching accomplishments: Coaching an athlete to complete Race Across America

Personal Achievements:

  • 2015 IL State Road Championship, 4th overall, 2nd place IL
  • 3:02 marathon, twice (is that an achievement?? no one can run the same time twice)

Why do you work for VQ: VQ is an incredible place with latest sports science & technology, access to incredible coaches and experts along with a supportive community of athletes with different levels of experience and abilities

Favorite Pastime when not training or coaching: Chasing 3 little kids around and golfing about twice a year