Don Riley

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Degree: M.Ed. Educational Leadership - Fitness Management/Exercise Science, B.S. Fitness Management

College: DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Occupation: Adjunct Professor in Exercise Science & Sports Studies - DePaul University & Robert Morris University in Chicago, IL.

Certifications: N.A.S.M CPT., USAT Triathlon Coach, KIDO Association (Korea) Certified Black Belt

What types of classes do you teach? Functional Training

Why do you instruct?

In my work instructing my private clients, or educating university students or writing articles, I have to take the point of putting myself in the position to know what an athlete may have to endure to achieve success.

Personal Achievements:

  • Age Group Athlete in 5k to Ultra Marathon races
  • Triathlons - Sprint, Ironman Distance & Xterra
  • Competitive Stair Climber
  • Seal Fit Endurance & Mental Toughness Training
  • Spartan Obstacle Racer

Why do you work for Vision Quest Coaching?

This isn’t just a side hobby for me, it's my profession, 25 years of running health clubs, my education, my racing, and being a university instructor — all this is to help the VQ athlete. Just ask me.

Favorite pastime when not training or coaching:

Writing, and educating the new crop of Fitness Professionals, Coaches & Trainers in my industry to make a difference, or at least keep the interest alive and growing.