Dave Harrison

Current Residence: Chicago, IL and Williams Bay, WI

Certifications: USA Cycling

Specificity: Road, Cross, Triathlon

VQ Location: Chicago

Why do you coach: I enjoy working with people and helping them achieve their goals. It is extremely rewarding to help and watch athletes challenge themselves and grow.

Personal Achievements:

  • Participated and completed several Ironman, Half Ironman and Olympic distance Triathlons.
  • Participated and completed dozens of century rides in both competitive and non competitive environments.
  • 4:08 Marathon, dozens of 10 and 5k's

Why do you work for VQ: VQ is an awesome place with the latest sports science & technology. The stable of incredible coaches allows VQ athletes to take advantage experts in all disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. VQ is also blessed to have a wide range of athletes of varying experience and abilities who are extremely supportive of one another.

Favorite Pastime when not training or coaching: Wine, Sailing and Golfing!