adam meredith.jpg

Adam Meredith

Current Residence: San Francisco, CA

Certifications: None....yet

Specificity: Long Course Triathlon

Why do you coach: I believe that everyone has way more potential than they know. I want to help them dig deep, I mean REALLY deep, realize that potential and discover just how amazing they are.

Personal Achievements:

  • 70.3 Racine
  • 70.3 Steelhead
  • 70.3 Santa Cruz
  • 70.3 Chattanooga
  • 70.3 Muncie
  • IM Louisville
  • IM Texas
  • IM Wisconsin
  • Chicago Triathlon

Why do you work for VQ: VQ is one big happy family. Have you ever seen anybody sad at VQ? Why wouldn’t you want to work there?

Favorite Pastime when not training or coaching: Playing with my 2 kids and 2 dogs. Hiking. Camping. Watching Rugby