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Private rides with our experienced Vision Quest coaches are tailored to YOUR specific needs


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Riding in a group may be normal practice for most experienced riders, but to the beginner cyclist it is a daunting task. Riding inches away from each others wheels at high speed takes time and experience to master and not all of us have the schedules to accommodate a group ride every week. A private one on one ride with one of our experienced Vision Quest coaches is the perfect way to learn the basic and nuanced skills of pack riding at YOUR pace. Whether it’s drafting, riding at high speeds, or taking turns, our coaches here at vision quest can give you the knowledge and confidence to take on your next big event.


If you are an experienced rider looking to hop in a local criterium or tackle a tough descent on your next Gran Fondo a private ride is the best way to excel your handling skills and cycling knowledge. Our coaches have years of experience both in and outside of the pro peloton and can take you to the next level. If you want the true pro experience schedule a ride with our very own Robbie Ventura and find out what it’s like to ride with the Pros.