All new athletes need to take a Performance Evaluation. This is the first step to find your baseline before your first training session.

PRICE: $300
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Performance Evaluation

Our philosophy at Vision Quest Coaching is Assess, Train, Perform. We believe in finding your baseline before our first training session. To do so, we request that all new athletes and prospective VQ members take a Performance Evaluation. This is the first step to find your baseline before your first training session.


This is a one time evaluation is conducted by Robbie Ventura who has personally performed over 3,000 evaluations at the Vision Quest Highland Park location. It is used to gauge your current athletic level to see where it can be improved upon. A Performance Evaluation is required if you:


• Have a goal in mind and need to understand what it will take to get there
• Are a beginner and need a place to start
• Have been training hard but aren't seeing the desired results
• Are wanting to become a member of Vision Quest
• Haven't taken a class with us prior but want to start training with us


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Know your body. Transform your life. Whether it's losing 30 pounds and a few inches from your waist, shaving 15 minutes off your triathlon time, or adding more lean muscle to look and feel great, each DexaFit package is designed with you unique health and fitness goals in mind.


PRICE: $300

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Psst... Private rides are the secret if you want to become a better cyclist. This ride is customize to your liking and experience level. The goal of a private ride is to have a Experienced Vision Quest Coach work with you in the areas you need improvement on like feeling more confident on the bike, turning, riding at higher speeds, and drafting. The more comfortable you feel on the bike, the more confident you will be and the more fun you will have. The best part is you can share this private ride with up to two friends! The price is the same for up to 3 people, but if you wanted to step it up, you can get a private ride with Robbie Ventura for $300​.




PRICE: $100

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This 90 minute consultation with a Vision Quest coach is an opportunity to get advice about your training, technique, over-coming obstacles or preparing for an upcoming race. Our coach will evaluate your plan, your workouts, race-day nutrition or how to get back on track after injury. The sky's the limit really. If you just want to hang out and shoot the you-know-what, that's cool too.


PRICE: $250   

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​So, you signed up for the big event and there's still a lot to learn. With a Custom Training Plan at Vision Quest, we will help you put it all together. You'll meet with a Vision Quest coach for 90 minutes to go over your goals and create a plan that fits you perfectly. We take the guess work out of training so you'll know what you need to be doing everyday to meet your goal. Come race day, we're certain you'll feel strong, prepared, and confident.