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8 Class Pack

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We focus on nurturing the whole person by balancing training with work and family and being an athlete to enhance all aspects of life

Fact: Vision Quest athletes improve 13% in the first 8 weeks.

Class packs at Vision Quest are designed to offer you a way to train with a group either 1 time or multiple times a week while giving you the flexibility of choosing classes in the AM, PM or weekend. You can continue with class packages and make that part of your training, or you can test the waters and see if you would like to become a Member.  

Class packages will allow you to sign up for any of the non-members cycling classes, swim classes, and strength classes on our schedule. Those are a great option for supplementing your training. Space and availability may be limited during peak classes. Ready to purchase a class pack? Wait no more!



Indoor Cycling classes where you will bring in your own bike and we walk you through a 75 min workout that will focus on a specific energy system(s). Our program is broken down into 6 phases throughout the year. Each Trainer is customized to your fitness, giving you a workout specifically dosed for you but in a group setting. 


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Every 75 minute, instructor-led class at Vision Quest has a very specific goal and is part of a larger, 8-week ‘Phase’ of workouts including: Strength, Climbing, Power, Race, Transition, Maintenance.

Each ‘Phase’ of 8-weeks has 4 different workouts every week to cater to your specific training needs. That means, whether you are a triathlete or straight cyclist, you will find a workout that suits you.

Indoor classes come in two styles: Intensity Rides which are well... intense. And Endurance Course Rides which take you along ups and downs of the world’s most famous bike courses.

At Vision Quest, we provide an individualized workout in a group setting. That means that you have all of the benefits of riding in a group but the workouts will be tailored to your specific skill level (because all of your workouts are based on your specific threshold number).

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These are coached, structured, indoor ride with workouts lasting about 75 minutes. Our workouts are created in 8-week phases based on the time of year and energy system progression. On a scale of 1 to 10, you can expect our workouts to have a perceived exertion rate between 7 and 10 at times.

This ride is similar to our Intensity Ride but a different workout. This can be your only or second intensity ride of the week. The ideal training schedule would include up to 2 intensity rides a week regardless of ability level or discipline. Our Intensity + ride is a perfect option to get that second intensity ride without having to do the same workout, adding a little variety to your training.

The foundation of your fitness. This is a great supplement to our intensity ride or the perfect ride for someone who needs to get some extra time in the saddle. With sufficient time in this training zone, your body will “learn” to metabolize fats as fuel. The workout will last about 75 minutes and will be on a course where you will be able to shift gears and ride at your own pace based on your goal for the day.

Endurance 2 is a new course and coached workout that can further build the aerobic and tempo systems. It will also involve a course with the option to ride the intensity of your choice or take advantage of the coached workout with designated efforts between 5 and 8 on the perceived exertion scale.


These classes will take you to the next level. Our Swim Coaches will lead you through a structured, interval based workout that will not only get you faster, but also work on technique, efficiency and form. Our program progresses in phases to match our cycling program to keep your bike and swim workouts in sync.

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Classes range in time from 60 to ‚Äč90 min. A baseline assessment is performed every 8 to 10 weeks that will give you and your coach a reference point for your training. Each workout will have a goal that will incorporate endurance, power, or speed. All you need is a set of googles and a swim suit.


This functional training program is designed to incorporate exercises that mimic the demands placed on endurance athletes along with injury prevention exercises for postural alignment and efficiency of movement. These two concepts work together to develop a well rounded athlete and prevent injury.

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This functional training program is designed to incorporate multi-joint, multi-muscle group exercises that mimic the demands placed on multi-sport athletes. In conjunction with this, we introduce injury prevention exercises that help to restore postural alignment and thus restore efficiency of movement. These two concepts work together to develop a well rounded athlete and prevent injury.