Why Sweet Spot?

A common thread in many of our early-season workouts is Sweet Spot training. There are many benefits to this type of work, but the primary reason we include it is because it offers most of the benefits of threshold training while allowing for faster recovery over threshold work. Read More


Off-Season Challenge 2017

For many endurance athletes, the off-season can be a confusing time. Some athletes need a big rest--physically, mentally or sometimes both. Others don't need much rest at all. This might stem from different physical needs like healing or needing to build strength. Read More


Towards Becoming a More Economical Runner

No two runners are the same. This statement is true at the lowest and highest levels of running. Watching Zersenay Tadese, Eliud Kipchoge, and Lelisa Desisa try to conquer the seemingly impossible task of running a sub two hour marathon only further cemented this reality. Read More


Strike a Balance with Nutrition

by Andrea Rudser-Rusin Balanced nutrition is essential to achieving results, whether they be performance based, health related, or simply changes in body composition. Regardless of the intended result, it is important to be leery of any diet, supplement, or training method that claims to be a quick solution to achieving results. As the old adage goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” After all, nothing worth having comes easy. On the other hand, self-deprivation is not necessary. Rather, balance is the key to success. In nutrition, “balance” can be thought of as minding your P’s and Q’s; where P representing portions and Q’s being quality. Read More

South of the Border Sweet Potato Wedges

by Andrea Rudser-Rusin Thinking beyond tomatoes, carrots, and red peppers when trying to choose “red & orange vegetables” can be a struggle at times. Even greater is the challenge of making these other foods interesting. Fear not, sweet potatoes are coming in season when the other ‘reds & oranges’ have long been harvested. Antioxidant powerhouses, sweet potatoes also pack more than double the fiber of regular potatoes. You will find here a tasty, healthy way to add color to your winter meals & snacking. Warning: these little wedges can be highly addictive. Read More

Staying Fit While You Travel

It is important to find excitement and happiness when you’re traveling. No matter where you are going or what you are doing, try to think of traveling as an adventure wherein meeting interesting people, seeing different cultures and experiencing something other than you do regularly at home will both educate and excite you. It’s also an opportunity to read a good book, learn something new or sharpen your skills while en route (whatever this might mean for you, your job or your hobbies). This mindset is easier when traveling for vacation since the fundamental point of the trip lies within this type of thinking. It is not always the case though when traveling for work. Note: I realize I am in a rare position since most of the travel I do for work already involves this mindset. Most folks I know travel often and usually it is work-related, so I’ve given a lot of thought to helpful tips for staying positive and on track physically and emotionally. Read More

Tips for Getting Rid of Neck Pain

If you watched the Tour de France and could get past all the beautiful scenery and aggressive elbowing, you may have wondered as I did: how do they hold their heads up for all those miles? What a literal pain in the neck! Indeed it is true. Neck pain is one of the most common complaints reported by cyclists and no surprise when you consider the average human head weighs as much as a ten-pound bowling ball. Read More

Like What You Do

Pursuing any level of achievement in endurance sports is kind of a crazy thing if you think about it. Whether your goal is a century, a triathlon, a marathon or something altogether different, being prepared for the event is going to require a lot of time and effort. If you’re reading this now, on some level you must feel that it’s “worth it”. But that feeling can become elusive, especially as you spend more time in the sport, and keeping things fun is an important part of your longevity as an endurance athlete. Read More

Race Report: Barry Roubaix

I thought I would relay my experiences of the Barry Roubaix gravel race of 2017 which is named after its Northern European namesake for being tough and brutal, but has switched the sections of cobbles for sections of Michigan gravel interspersed with blacktop. It generally lives up to its name and reputation, and this year it did that in spades – oh what misery! For whatever reason, I really like this race. Every year I have raced it, it is different, the weather, the competition, the tactics, and the final outcome. There are three distances to choose from, 22 miles (The thriller), 36 miles (The Chiller), or 62 miles (The Killer). The killer it was. Read More

RECIPE | Antioxidant-Packed Almond Trail Mix

Ingredients: 3 cups Blue Diamond Almonds, 3/4 cup (unsweetened) dried cherries, ... Read More

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