The Learning Process

The season is half over and many of us have had some success and failure as related to our season goals. Fortunately we have the ability to grow from every experience no matter how good or bad. The key to growth, both as an athlete and a person, is to continue refining performance by repeating the things that work and adjusting or changing the things that keep us from performing at our best. Read More

Easy Guide to Rehydration

Don’t start your workout one step behind. Any fluid deficit incurred during a workout can potentially compromise the next session if adequate fluid replacement does not occur. Therefore, it is important to replace fluid and electrolyte losses, and replenish energy stores, in order to achieve recovery before the next workout. Read More


The Road Less Traveled

Every cyclist knows the value of a good training ground. Quiet roads with minimal traffic, few intersections and smooth pavement are ideal. Depending on where you live, great terrain may be deadpan flat, rolling hills or long climbs. However... Read More