Race Report: Barry Roubaix

I thought I would relay my experiences of the Barry Roubaix gravel race of 2017 which is named after its Northern European namesake for being tough and brutal, but has switched the sections of cobbles for sections of Michigan gravel interspersed with blacktop. It generally lives up to its name and reputation, and this year it did that in spades – oh what misery! For whatever reason, I really like this race. Every year I have raced it, it is different, the weather, the competition, the tactics, and the final outcome. There are three distances to choose from, 22 miles (The thriller), 36 miles (The Chiller), or 62 miles (The Killer). The killer it was. Read More

COOKING TIME | Antioxidant-Packed Almond Trail Mix

Ingredients: 3 cups Blue Diamond Almonds, 3/4 cup (unsweetened) dried cherries, ... Read More


COOKING TIME | Brussels Sprouts with Shallots & Almonds

Directions: Trim ends of Brussels sprouts. Cut in halves, or quarters, depending on size, for even cooking. In a large skillet (I prefer cast iron), ... Read More


You know, your mom was right after all - failing to plan is planning to fail.

When you’re short on time and your days are hectic, plan ahead! Prepare a travel pack with snacks and beverages that support your performance eating plan. Items that ... Read More


Dealing with training interruptions

Training consistently is one of most important components of sustained athletic growth. However, it is the rare working athlete who can make it through an entire season without some interruption. Read More

Building a Strong Foundation Starts with Reflection...

This time of year, when athletes finish their major events and take time off from training, has traditionally been called the "off-season." Often, that time off goes a little too far and we end up unwinding all that we worked for during the season. Read More

VQ & You: Ted Swan

In January 2012, I thought I was in pretty good shape for a 62-year-old guy following a training regimen of rigorous cycling once or twice a week and personal training or Pilates twice a week. So, as a Tour de France devotee, I signed up for a challenging cycling trip following Le Tour for six days that summer. Since I was only biking on the flatlands of Illinois and Florida, I figured I needed to step up my training. That winter, I landed on Robbie’s VQHP doorstep and started indoor intensity rides twice a week; once a week when riding outdoors. Read More

An Off-Season Case Study

The thing that almost everyone is wondering this time of year is “What should I do now?” The vast majority of athletes will have their primary competitive seasons from May to September and likely have ambitions of being even better in the future. Professional athletes may take several weeks or more off from training at this time of year, but is that something that you really need to worry about as an amateur? How can you expect to get better if you take so much time off? Read More

VQ & You: Mike Bailey

I consider myself a medium-serious road cyclist. I have averaged more than 4,000 miles per year for the past three years. I do intervals twice a week when I can ride outside. I have more than one bike that gets compliments from mechanics at the local shop. Read More


How Do Gears Work?

Mechanical advantage: the advantage gained by the use of a mechanism in transmitting force; specifically: the ratio of the force that performs the useful work of a machine to the force that is applied to the machine (from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). Read More